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Welcome to tree protection ltd, specializing in tree protection on construction sites. We are well known across England for protecting trees to British standard regulations. With many years of experience in this field we supply and install Heras fencing structure with our scaffolding and supporting tubes and couplers around trees that require protection, we take in to consideration the size of the tree and roots so these are not damaged by plant and machinery. Most have a tree preservation order so this is a legal requirement. Our company is a professional, environmentally friendly and reliable service and one of the first places construction companies call when they need advice or require our fencing services. All members of our team are fully trained and educated in tree protection and working in conjunction with BS 5837:2005, there are many legislations and requirements for protecting trees and we ensure these are met by us. More houses, apartments, flats and complexes are being built on in areas where trees have been growing for many years some 100s of years, our mission is to guarantee these trees are not disturbed in the process of building on land nearby.  If you are a construction company or are having building work done on your house or you need to find out if a tree near you has a preservation order contact us and we will be able to assist you with your order criteria. We cover the following areas Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire, Kent, Surrey and London.  Think of your environment contact the tree protection specialists today.

Latest Projects:

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